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A torn meniscus is one of the most common knee injuries. Each of the knees has 2 “C-shaped” pieces of cartilages called meniscus, acting as cushions between your shinbone and thighbone in the knee joint. If you tear your meniscus it causes pain, stiffness & swelling. Learn more about knee meniscus.
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If you are suffering chronic knee pain or injury, you should get it examined by an orthopedic surgeon. If the doctor recommends surgery, then, it is important to decide whether an arthroscopic procedure or total knee replacement surgery is needed. Knee Arthroscopy is a non-invasive surgery.
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Tendonitis Surgery: What to Expect

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Tendonitis surgery or tendon repair surgery is done to repair a torn or damaged tendon. Tendons are band-like tissues that connect muscles to bone. When the muscles contract, tendons pull the bones and make the joints to move. When a tendon gets damaged movement becomes difficult and painful.
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