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Doctor Doerr

Dr. Timothy Doerr believes his patients deserve a positive orthopedic experience. He is strongly committed to:

  • Seeing all of his patients at every visit without delegating care to other physician extenders.
  • Remaining an independent practice to offer better care at lower costs and flexibility to make decisions without pressure from hospitals.
  • Treating patients like family. He takes pride in getting to know each patient in a friendly environment.

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Doctor Hessing

Dr. Jeffrey Hessing believes his patients deserve a positive orthopedic experience. He is strongly committed to:

  • Offering consistent personal care from start to finish.
  • Ensuring that patients are able to select the providers and facilities of their own choice and should have knowledge of the most efficient and cost effective options available to them.
  • Treating patients like family.

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  • "I recently had back surgery. Dr. Doerr is a fantastic surgeon. He was not in a rush to do surgery. But when it became necessary, the surgery was performed flawlessly. I am back to normal only 2 weeks after surgery. I attribute this to his knowledge and skill. Julie (his assistant) is fantastic and caring. Thank you!"


  • "Dr Doerr has performed surgery on several family members over the course of about 10 plus years. The surgeries have included back, arm and rotator cuff repairs. He is conservative in his approach as surgery is always the last resort. He is thorough in his exams and meticulous in his pre-surgical preparation. He offers detailed explanations for his care plans and followup visits. His nurse, Julie, does an excellent job of gathering patient information regarding patient complaints and symptoms to provide to Dr Doerr. They make an outstanding team."


  • "Three months out from total knee replacement and I could not be happier with the results and so is Dr. Doerr. The whole experience has been an overall good one. He is very good at explaining what is going to happen, the office staff is friendly and accommodating, Juli is a personable, wonderful, patient nurse taking the time to answer our questions--simple as they may have been. I have no qualms in referring Dr. Doerr."


  • "[We] are so grateful for your "take control" disposition during [my husband's] surgery visits. You exude confidence under stress and maintained your cheery, "I've got this!" attitude while dealing with us AND the VA. We know that added another layer of paperwork and phone calls! Just getting those compression socks on and off deserved an "atta girl." You made life easier for us and we are grateful."


  • "We thank you for giving my husband his life back. It's obvious you take great pride in your profession and strive for perfection in your procedures! Thank you for accepting us as a VA patient. We are aware that a bureaucracy can be tedious and I was impressed when you took them on!! Thank you so much. He's really pain free because of your fine work!"


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