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At Orthopaedic Associates, we are dedicated to creating you a positive and worthwhile orthopedic experience through improved care and lowered costs. We are strongly committed to remaining an independent practice, allowing our physicians to make decisions without pressure from hospitals. By remaining independent, we believe that you will experience better care at a lower price.

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Jeffrey Hessing, MD, Timothy Doerr, MD and Ryan Applonie, D.O. have a passion for helping others. They have a combined 50+ years of orthopedic excellence dedicated to the people of the Boise area. All of our surgeons are board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Our Specialties

At Orthopaedic Associates we specialize in providing solutions to injuries and chronic joint problems. Every patient is treated with dignity and respect with the objective of getting you back to normal. Our surgical experience ensures excellent outcomes in a caring and friendly environment.

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Shoulder Pain is one of the most common symptoms patients face. If you are dealing with shoulder conditions Dr. Hessing and Dr. Doerr have extensive experience treating shoulder problems.

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Dr. Doerr has successfully performed hundreds of knee repairs for Boise area residents. Understanding the natural mechanics of the knee allows our orthopedic surgeons to restore proper knee function.

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Chronic back pain is one of the most commonly experienced symptoms by patients. Orthopedic Associates is known throughout the northwest as the premier spine surgery clinic.

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Issues with hip function can affect patients overall levels of energy and physical activity. Total hip replacement at Orthopaedic Associates can dramatically reduce hip pain and can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

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Who We Are

We are a group of orthopedic specialists striving to provide our patients with outstanding care at an affordable price. Your health has always been, and will continue to be, our first priority.

Minimally-Invasive Spine Surgery

Back surgery is commonly considered an open procedure, however Dr. Doerr has performed countless minimally-invasive spine surgeries. The minimally-invasive approach has produced rapid recovery and less overall back pain.

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Independent Doctors of Idaho was created in 2013 to educate and inform residents that independent physicians were still an option for care. Dr. Jeffery Hessing co-founded IDID to help independent physicians in Idaho work together to provide excellent healthcare and lower costs for Treasure Valley patients.

Independent Doctors of Idaho
Orthopedic Specialists

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